Anti-osteoporotic medicine might scale back secondary fracture threat after compression fracture

CHICAGO — Though cement augmentation didn’t alter the speed of secondary fracture after osteoporotic compression fracture, outcomes introduced right here confirmed a lower in secondary fracture charge with anti-osteoporotic medicines.

Nonetheless, researchers discovered a small share of sufferers acquired anti-osteoporotic medicines.

“Physicians ought to pay attention to this massive hole in osteoporosis administration, and pathways to extend initiation of anti-osteoporotic medicines ought to be created and applied,” Emily Mills, MD, stated in her presentation on the North American Backbone Society Annual Assembly.

Utilizing the PearlDiver Database, Mills and colleagues categorized sufferers with osteoporotic compression fractures into teams based mostly on whether or not they underwent cement augmentation or conservative remedy. Researchers additional categorized sufferers within the cement augmentation group based mostly on whether or not they acquired anti-osteoporotic medicines inside 1 12 months following osteoporotic compression fracture. Researchers used univariate and multivariate regression analyses to establish secondary fracture charge in sufferers who underwent cement augmentation and acquired anti-osteoporotic medicine.

Outcomes confirmed 7.3{a71e702d8dd75cbe32444ad6fd3ab85fcf42dda4a9e89e7ffa9d236a5143b97a} of sufferers acquired anti-osteoporotic medicine after preliminary osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture.

“Taking a look at all sufferers who acquired medicines in comparison with those that didn’t, on multivariate evaluation, this decreased secondary threat by 23{a71e702d8dd75cbe32444ad6fd3ab85fcf42dda4a9e89e7ffa9d236a5143b97a},” Mills stated. “Taking a look at cement augmentation, this didn’t alter secondary fracture threat on univariate or multivariate evaluation.”

Additional subdivision based mostly on whether or not vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty was carried out confirmed neither process altered secondary fracture threat on univariate or multivariate evaluation, based on Mills. She added sufferers who acquired anti-resorptive medicines had a decreased secondary fracture threat of 17{a71e702d8dd75cbe32444ad6fd3ab85fcf42dda4a9e89e7ffa9d236a5143b97a}.

“We did the identical factor with anabolic medicines and located that anabolic medicines decreased secondary fracture threat by 30{a71e702d8dd75cbe32444ad6fd3ab85fcf42dda4a9e89e7ffa9d236a5143b97a} in comparison with those that didn’t obtain medicines in any respect,” Mills stated.

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